TOWN PLANNING FOR EVERYONE is your Australian source of on-line town planning information and resources. These resources explain town planning and the land development process across Australia and how you can influence planning and development in your city or town.

These free resources are part of The Planning Academy’s commitment to enhancing community involvement in planning. Effective community involvement is achieved if the language, purpose and processes of planning are well understood. TOWN PLANNING FOR EVERYONE is intended to help you become more involved in planning and development of your town or city through understanding and using the planning system, playing an active part in planning in your area, and making or commenting on development applications.

TOWN PLANNING FOR EVERYONE gives you a broad overview only. Planning is complex and each plan or development application is unique to its local circumstances. Because of the wide range of planning factors and stakeholder views involved in planning, the final outcome will sometimes be what you hope for, and other times it will not.

Content on this web site is provided for general information only and is not intended to be legal advice. Use of information is the sole responsibility of the website user who must assess its suitability for their purpose. It is recommended that professional advice be obtained before acting on the information provided.

The Planning Academy endeavours to ensure that information is accurate and up-to–date and does not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions in the published material. If you have concerns about the information on this web site contact us.

Content on this website remains the copyright of The Planning Academy. Permission is granted for individuals and not-for-profit organisations to download and reproduce articles and information, provided The Planning Academy is cited as the source.

Our site contains links to other sites. Inclusion of a link to another site does not imply any endorsement of that other site’s privacy policies, practices or content.

Using these resources
TOWN PLANNING FOR EVERYONE is structured in 3 main parts:
  • Part 1: UNDERSTANDING THE PLANNING SYSTEM - This topic unlocks the mysteries of what planning is about, what planners do, and the language of planning. This is a good place to start before progressing to Part 2 or 3.
  • Part 2: PARTICIPATING IN PLANNING FOR YOUR AREA - This topic covers making effective submissions and input to planning in your neighbourhood, suburb, town or city.
  • Part 3: DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL -  This topic explains the formal processes of planning, what type of development needs development approval, how development applications are assessed and how to make more effective submissions about development applications affecting you.
Information in Parts 1-3 is worded in a general way to suit the circumstances in all Australian states and territories.

Want to know more?
Is there something more you want to know about this topic? Contact us with your ideas for future inclusion in TOWN PLANNING FOR EVERYONE resources.

1.1 What is planning?
1.2 Planning language

1.3 Important points about planning

1.4 Why land use controls are necessary

1.5 Key stakeholders in the planning system

1.6 Legal framework for planning decisions

1.7 Planning tools

2.1 Future planning for your area

2.2 Why participate?

2.3 Making your voice heard

3.1 When development approval is required

3.2 Who decides?

3.3 Applying for development approval

3.4 How a development application is assessed

3.5 Commenting on a development application

3.6 Appealing a planning decision

3.7 Special cases

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